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Transformative experiences, propelling young people forward

“I honestly believe that the trip we went on to India gave me the confidence to apply for Oxford, I never would have had the confidence without that remarkable and incredibly challenging experience.”

Leila, Inaugural Reacher
Now studying History & Politics at the University of Oxford

Help broaden young people’s horizons

Our purpose

Closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their peers is the greatest challenge currently facing the English education system...

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What we do

Operation Reach takes secondary school students on overseas adventures to experience a distinct culture and complete a demanding, physical challenge, and then provides ongoing mentoring to build on the impact from the expeditions...

Become a Reacher

Unique opportunity to gain life experience to build your confidence and help you fulfill your vast potential...

Meet our team of volunteers

The key benefits Reachers take away from their expedition...

This video was created and produced by the Inaugural Reachers


— helps build young people’s ability to cope with adversity and work through problems which life will present


— life, the more life experience gained, the better equipped young people are to engage in wider society


— positivity and aspiration to join competitive, rewarding opportunities


— exposure to culture and new situations is paramount to a young person’s ongoing success

High achievement

— facilitating young people to gain above the national average qualifications for their socio-economic background

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