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Life experience and adventure is transformative for young people

Operation Reach provides a unique opportunity for those who might not otherwise have it to gain life experience, propelling them forward.

The purpose of Operation Reach is to promote social mobility outside the school environment. Young people from lower socio-economic groups are still consistently under-represented in the most selective universities and in top professions across all sectors. Operation Reach’s aim is to enhance the development of high-attaining students from less well-off homes. Operation Reach is a vital stepping-stone to attend the most prestigious universities, and thus obtain the most competitive graduate jobs.

All young people should explore beyond their immediate surroundings.

So how does Operation Reach work?

Ahmed, of floating down the river fame, is now studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Sarah D, Inaugural Volunteer

Operation Reach’s ethos 
is linked closely to the concept of cultural capital

A person’s level of cultural capital is a critical indicator of how well they are able to succeed academically, and engage in wider society. Access to overseas travel, and ongoing support from a mentor, significantly increases the chances of success for young people.

Help broaden young people’s horizons

“I honestly believe that the trip we went on to India gave me the confidence to apply for Oxford, I never would have had the confidence without that remarkable and incredibly challenging experience.”

Leila, Inaugural Reacher
Now studying History & Politics at the University of Oxford

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