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Risk Statement for Reachers and Parents / Carers

All Operation Reach expeditions are compliant with:

Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Trips

— The British Standard for adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom (BS 8848: 2014)


Operation Reach is dedicated to safety and risk management.

We demonstrate this by complying with BS 8848:2014. BS 8848 details good practice for venture providers to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone taking part in an expedition.

Help broaden young people’s horizons

The following key principles apply to each expedition:

A single provider: Operation Reach is the single organisation to take overall responsibility for the whole expedition


Informed choice: participants and their parents / carers are given clear information, both in writing and verbally, about the expedition, and potential risks, before they commit or pay any money


Capable staff: all expeditions are run by competent and experienced staff


Good preparation and planning: appropriate policies and procedures are put in place to identify and manage risk at every stage of the expedition


Emergency plans: there is a written Incident and Emergency Response Plan for each expedition which details what happens if things go wrong; produced and provided to all staff and Reachers in advance of each expedition

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