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Help broaden young people’s horizons

Donate Now

Thank you for choosing to donate. It costs over £2,000 to fund a Reacher on an overseas expedition and mentoring programme. Reachers fundraise £300, the remaining balance is covered by the generosity of our donors. Operation Reach is run by volunteers.

As an example, a donation of £1,200 supports one Reacher through the programme of overseas travel and ongoing mentoring for a period of two years.

It is quick and simple. Each payday, your employer will take your chosen donation from your gross salary. The donation is taken after National Insurance is deducted, but before tax. This means that your donation will cost up to 45% less through the tax break, dependent on your tax bracket. Find out more on the HMRC website. Please note that Payroll Giving is only available for salaried PAYE employees.

Why not setup Payroll Giving?

Operation Reach promotes social mobility outside the school environment through adventure and life experience.

Our amazing supporters

Fundraise? Mentor? Become a corporate sponsor?

We’d love to hear from anyone that wants to support Operation Reach.
And, of course, the group of individuals, who wish to remain anonymous, who gave so generously to the Inaugural Adventure and made this dream a reality!


We are always on the look-out for extraordinary people to join our team and help Reachers have an inspirational time!

Why we need your support

Confidence & self-belief are key to fulfilling potential.

How do we use your money

Providing a unique opportunity for those who might not otherwise have it.


An integral part of Operation Reach is the ongoing support provided to Reachers after their adventure. We are looking for individuals or businesses who would like to mentor Reachers through a critical phase of their life journey. No formal experience is needed, simply confidence and interest in discussing study techniques, university choices and work opportunities.

Corporate Partnership

At the heart of Operation Reach’s ethos is propelling high attaining students from disadvantaged backgrounds into the most competitive graduate jobs. If you would like to become directly involved in our mission, we’d love to hear from you. 

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