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All young people should have the opportunity to explore beyond their immediate surroundings.

“My perception of Delhi is that it’s a warmer, crazier and far greener London with monkeys and dogs, instead of pigeons”

First impressions of Delhi by a Reacher

India 2024 basic itinerary

Touch down in Delhi
24 hour trip to Agra for guided tour of World Heritage Site, Taj Mahal, and Red Fort
Fly to Leh, Ladakh in the outer-Himalayas
Four days acclimatising in Leh: guided tours of Buddhist cultural sites, exploring the town
Seven day guided trek through the Markha valley, climbing to an altitude of 5100m, sleeping in tents along the way
Three days volunteering at a local school and visiting an NGO protecting snow leopards
Back to Delhi for 24 hours before return flight to UK

This itinerary is subject to any COVID travel restrictions which may be in place in July 2024. If the expedition is postponed, all prospective Reachers will either be given a full refund or an opportunity to participate in an expedition in 2025.

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