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Join an Operation Reach life-defining expedition

How are the expeditions funded?

The remainder of the cost of the expedition is funded by Operation Reach. It is important that Reachers financially contribute to their experience. This ensures Reachers are fully invested, and develop vital skills whilst fundraising. Operation Reach provides support to Reachers as to how to fundraise.

Reachers are required to make a contribution of £300, paid either in a lump sum or three, equal instalments.

We provide a unique opportunity for young people to gain life experience, propelling them forward at a critical stage in their development.

Apply to become a Reacher…

1st January 2024

Applications go live

31st January 2024

Applications close

5th March 2024

The first meeting with parents/carers to provide overview of programme

June 2024

Preparation weekend for Reachers

July 2024

Reachers embark on expedition

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to:

Have qualified for free school meals and / or are potential first generation university undergraduates.

Will have just finished Year 11 or Year 12 at the time of the expedition (currently 2023).

Are forecast or have achieved, at least, eight Grade 5s at GCSE.

Help broaden young people’s horizons

What is the application process?

Timeline for applications for the next cohort of Reachers:

Who are Reachers?

This opportunity is open to all young people in secondary education but priority will be given to those who meet the following criteria:

Experience a distinct culture and complete a demanding, physical challenge.

Receive ongoing support, and mentoring, to build on the impact from the expedition.

Operation Reach is dedicated to safety and risk management

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