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We aim to offer equal opportunities for both our Volunteers and Reachers. In order to do so, we need an accurate picture of who is joining us. This information will stay confidential and support our commitment to equality and diversity.

Please note: Your referees will not be contacted without your prior consent.

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Help broaden young people’s horizons

Once Reachers return from the adventure, their involvement with the programme does not end. Reachers will be paired with a mentor, on an 18-month programme, to provide advice and guidance on university and work experience opportunities.
Mentors will meet virtually, in a secure environment, with their designated Reacher once every two months to provide support in study techniques, university applications and work opportunities. Mentors will be supported, and trained, prior to being paired with their Reacher. It is hoped that Mentors can commit to the 18-month programme but, equally, we know how difficult it can be to predict life! If you are interested in being a mentor, get in touch.
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